Why Mimi Got A Puppy

A story of joy, gratitude and faith in the face of disability

Epilogue: Mimi passed away to her rest on November 13, 2019, overcome by pneumonia.  Phoenix and Pierre, with Titan and Samson, are working their way through the grieving process and looking toward a future, always filled with gratitude for how profoundly Mimi's love for them enriched their lives for eternity.  While time endures on this earth, Mimi will be loved and missed     

In the Media

December 3, 2017 Feature on Global News Toronto Online: 

How a Children's Book - And a Puppy - Helped Ontario Woman Cope with Multiple Sclerosis

On Facebook: Up North CBC



Mimi has battled MS since 2006; she hasn't walked since 2013.

Since then, Mimi has relied on helpers for most of the basic, daily activities that the rest of us can take for granted.

Since she has to spend parts of each day alone, waiting for caregivers to arrive, or her husband Pierre to come home,

Pierre decided to surprise her with a special gift for her 40th birthday: the puppy she'd always wanted!



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On the Front Deck
On the Front Deck

Enjoying a few quiet moments on the front deck.


Catching some rays with the pooch at the water's edge

Why Mimi Got A Puppy
Why Mimi Got A Puppy

Canine companionship at it's best!

On the Front Deck
On the Front Deck

Enjoying a few quiet moments on the front deck.


Mimi (Tammy), Pierre (JP), Phoenix, Samson and Titan live in their cozy little waterfront home Echo Bay, ON, where Mimi and Phoenix enjoy peaceful sessions sitting outdoors in warm weather!



Why the book?

Mimi's reaction when she first saw her puppy was so genuinely touching that Pierre decided to make a short video clip to share with people through Facebook.  After making the video, he had the idea of making a 'video book' for Mimi for Christmas.  This idea turned into the illustrated, QR code enhanced, book that became "Why Mimi Got a Puppy"!

The book is also Pierre's tribute to Mimi's remarkable resiliency as MS has advanced and dramatically changed her life. 

Mimi and Phoenix, disabled, MS, minautre Australian Shepherd puppy