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Tammy's Health

Tammy (Mimi) and JP (Pierre) were married in 2003 and have lived in or near Sault Ste. Marie since then.  In 2004, Tammy was diagnosed with ITP and her auto-immune symptoms soon worsened, eventually indicating MS.  Mimi was officially diagnosed in 2009 and stopped working as a public health nurse by 2011.  


After just a few years of relapse-remitting symptoms, Mimi’s MS became secondary progressive around 2012 and within two years, she lost the ability to walk and eventually to move her legs and left arm at all. 


These drastic changes in Mimi’s health led to a need to move to a more accessible home.  Pierre and Mimi were introduced to a lovely lady who had cared in-home for her disabled niece but was now ready to ‘retire’ closer to town. 


Pierre and Mimi bought her 2-bedroom waterfront home and moved in early 2014.  Mimi loves the peacefully therapeutic setting of their modest little place.  Pierre has become a lover of the dramatic summer sunsets, as evidenced on his personal Instagram account @jprduchesne.   


Over the years, Mimi had often talked about getting a puppy but she and Pierre had always been so busy.  Although Mimi spent most of her time at home after 2012, adapting to Mimi’s changing health took lots of energy and attention. 


By the summer of 2016, for Mimi’s 40th birthday, Pierre decided the time was finally right and Phoenix has been a wonderful addition to the family!  Even Bengal cats Samson and Titan enjoy Phoenix's presence in their home :)

Waterfront view from the deck in Echo Bay
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